Industry Trend
Reports & Trackers.

Empowering business leaders to make insightful,
data-driven decisions.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services and products totally tailored to the aesthetic industry. We produce regular reports highlighting trends in consumer buying behaviour, segmented by geography, generation, and gender. We can also track your brand for awareness, patient satisfaction, likelihood to recommend and help you understand what keeps patients coming back (or not) for aesthetic treatments.

Bespoke research options to suit all insight needs and
to fit any budget.

Talk to us about your specific insight needs. We can tailor research to reach your target audience about what matters to you most..

Real-world consumer data to drive your business success.

Using our real-world experience, we create surveys to discern preferences, attitudes, and motivations to produce insights that are actionable in your marketing plans.
Collected data will be rigorously analysed according to criteria that you select, for example, gender, country of residence, age… 

Typical content

• Interest in specific aesthetic procedures/products.
• Information-seeking habits and preferred sources.
• The rationale (and obstacles) behind choosing (or not) to proceed with a given aesthetic treatment.
• Why patients don’t return, following a given treatment.
• Key influences along the patient journey.
• Socio-economic considerations.
• Patient view on the accessibility of aesthetic medicine treatments.

Consumer trends shape your industry. Be part of the evolution.

By keeping in step with consumer trends, your communications can reflect the diverse nature of the aesthetic medicine market and allow you to create meaningful connections with customers.