2024 Trends in

Aesthetic Medicine Report

Empowering business leaders to make insightful, data-driven decisions.

Our method

To discern the preferences and motivations of prospective and existing aesthetic medicine patients, we employed a quantitative online survey. This extensive survey explored factors including interest in specific procedures, information-seeking habits and preferred sources, the rationale behind and obstacles to proceeding (or not) with an aesthetic treatment. The collected data is comprehensively analysed by age, gender, and country of residence.

This unique study presents in-depth data, unravelling attitudes, and behaviours towards minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. It scrutinizes consistencies and variations across generations, countries, and genders.

The insights gained from this data offer valuable perspectives on the ever-evolving consumer landscape, helping business leaders to refine their communications with both current and prospective patients. The ongoing nature of our research project positions us to continually contribute to understanding and adapting to emerging trends in the aesthetic industry.